PHYS 115 – General Physics I

PHYS 115 - General Physics I

Session 1: May 24 – July 1

Course Description

Classical mechanics, heat, and electromagnetism. A calculus-based presentation of basic physical principles for students interested in the sciences or mathematics.

Course Objectives

This course is the first half of a calculus-based survey of basic physics. We will be covering mechanics—the basic study of how things move—including kinematics, forces, energy, and rotation. The level is aimed at beginning physics majors, engineers, and pre-meds.

Course Materials

Textbook: Fundamentals of Physics, 9ed (ninth edition). Halliday, Resnick, Walker.
ISBN: 9780470556535

Textbook: OpenStax University Physics

Syllabus (PDF)

Dates: May 24 – July 1

Department: Physics

Course:  PHYS 115

Credit Hours:  4


Mathematics 149R or equivalent


NS Natural Sciences requirement

QR Quantitative Reasoning requirement

IB Math requirement

IID Laboratory Science requirement
(when taken with corresponding lab course PHYS 105L)

The above requirements are from the Randolph College general education program.  Check with your home institution to see if this course fulfills your requirements.

Tuition & Fees:

$1,800 tuition
$32.50 ExpertTA subscription

Textbooks and other course materials can be purchased separately from the source of your choosing.

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