HEBR 1113 – Elementary Biblical Hebrew

HEBR 1113 - Elementary Biblical Hebrew

Course: HEBR 1113

Credit Hours:  1


July 8 – August 9

Tuition: $750

Prerequisite: HEBR 1112

Listed With: HEBR 1114

Course Description

The third module of four sequential modules that together constitute the first half of an introduction to biblical Hebrew.

Our objective in the sequence is to take the first steps toward reading the Hebrew Bible in its original language.

Our goals are to attain proficiency in reading and writing the Hebrew letters and to gain fundamental vocabulary and grammar skills.

In addition to the textbook and videos, learning materials will include authentic Biblical verses and practical exercises in reading, writing, and grammar.

This course is designed for students with no previous knowledge of the language.

Course Information


The First Hebrew Primer by Simon,E., Motzkin, L., & Resnikoff, I. (2005). EKS Publishing, 3rd edition.

The First Hebrew Primer Answer Book by Simon, E. & Brandt-Finell, Dorey (2002). EKS Publishing, 3rd edition.

Other required materials will be provided on Google Classroom.

Syllabus (PDF)

Your Instructor

Ruth Spivak

Ruth SpivakInstructor - BA, Jewish Studies, McGill University; MA, Greek and Roman Studies, University of Calgary

I am passionate about learning and teaching languages. I speak Spanish, French, Italian, English, and modern Hebrew. But my favourite language to teach and to read is biblical Hebrew.

Reading the Bible in its original language rewards us with beauty and depth. It is a pleasure to guide students in their journeys through the reading, writing, and grammatical intricacies of the language. I strive to communicate course material clearly and enthusiastically.

I received my BA (Hon.) in Jewish Studies followed by a teaching diploma from McGill University. Subsequently, I taught in the private Jewish school system for some years. I went on to receive my MA in Classics at the University of Calgary.

During my graduate studies, I co-authored a book The Latin of Science, and taught Latin and biblical Hebrew at the University of Calgary.

For the past year, I’ve been teaching biblical Hebrew online for a classical institute (Paideia).

I live in in Calgary, Alberta.

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